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How can I purchase an Instagram Account?

Here are the steps our valuable clients go through for each purchase:

-Selecting the target Instagram Account
-Checking out the payment through Paypal/Credit Card/Wire Transfer
-Receiving an email including the contract once the account is ready
-Sending the signed contract back to us
-Receiving the credentials of the account
-Changing the credentials by you
-The purchase is now  Successfully Completed.

How can I sell an Instagram Account?

Here is the process our Partners go through to sell each account:

-Submitting the Instagram Account via SELL tab (No password is required)
-The account will be available for sale within the next month and as soon as we receive an offer and gets accepted by the seller, credentials should be handed over within 24 hours.
-Once the purchase is fully completed on the client side, we send 90% of the original price via Paypal to the seller.
-Transferring the account is now  Successfully Completed.

Why are the usernames masked?

At Social Tradia, we are connecting sellers and buyers. Some sellers prefer to keep the username confidential since they don’t want to let everybody know their account is on sale. Also, we would like to avoid the possibility of an online transaction outside of our safe and secure platform.

What If the seller does not provide the credentials?

In this case, the paid amount will be refunded to the customer within 48 hours.
Also, the cooperation with the seller will be discontinued forever.

Are the followers REAL?

At Social Tradia, Our Verification team is responsible for qualifying submitted accounts. We take a close look at every detail to make sure the Instagram account is legit.

Can I refund the account which I bought?

Once the buyer changed the credentials, he/she has 24 hours to test the account.
As long as the account is not damaged and 24 hours has not passed, the Instagram account is refundable.
The refund amount will be delivered within one week.

This rule only applies to masked accounts since the buyer has all the required information for the unmasked ones.

Do you accept custom orders for other social media platforms?

Yes, we do! Although our main focus is Instagram, we cover Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and Pinterest.
Please let us know if you are looking for the specific account in terms of category and followers and we will get back to you as soon we find it.

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